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I like first class, but I don’t like first class people – I prefer the people in coach

As much as I love fashion in its entirety, one thing that makes me go “hmm….” which a lot of people tend to turn a blind eye to is the seemingly pretentiousness of “Fashion people”. *This, I’ll probably rant about in a future post.*

Israeli designer, Alber Elbaz is far from being one of those people. He is one of the most modest, realistic, down-to-earth and head-screwed-on-right “Fashion Person” I’ve had the pleasure to read about, thus far.

I first read about him a few years ago and fell in love with his story. His struggle to get to the top in  his career against all odds is truly one that inspires me. In case you don’t know, He is the Head Designer for the legendary fashion house, Lanvin and my mentor, guardian and friend in my head. Do i sound crazy?

Alber Elbaz, Lanvin Designer

Alber Elbaz, Lanvin Designer

This weekend He spoke at the Vogue Festival 2013 alongside Victoria Beckham and Donatella Versace, He shed some light on why he loves clothes and the women who wear them and much more… Enjoy!

On working in Fashion:

“It was not the story of design or clothes, it was the fantasy of women that made me want to work in fashion,”

Anecdote on conversations with his psychiatrist and on being a walking contradiction:

“‘Why am I such I such a control freak, but can’t resist cake?’…I like first class, but I don’t like first class people – I prefer the people in coach,” he said. “I like fine restaurants, but prefer the taste of McDonald’s. I like to be perfect, but I don’t like perfection – I think it’s dangerous. There is nothing after perfection. I know, I am a walking contradiction.”

On his motivation being the desire to make women’s lives easier:

“I want them to be able to get into a car, to be able to have dessert, to feel beautiful…Fashion should not be about having a second skin – it is about fantasy; about putting on a red, chiffon dress, looking in the mirror and feeling amazing. A woman once said to me, ‘Every time that I wear Lanvin, a man falls in love with me.’ I thought ‘How sad, why isn’t she the one falling in love?’ That’s the woman that I want to dress.”

Bonus: In an interview a few years ago, he compared his job to working as a concierge in a fancy hotel — the concierge being the person who has to go home at night. He said:

“You have to go back to reality. You have to go back to nothing in order to maintain the dream,” he says. “The moment the dream becomes reality and you start to mingle too much with all these people…”

That quote right there…. Love it!!!

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