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Draya MIchelle of Basketball Wives LA

Draya Michelle of Basketball Wives LA

Draya Michelle recently rocked this top and shorts Ankara piece by Houston based African designers 2 African Girls. Catching heat from mediatakeout.com calling it “stripper outfit”, Draya had this to say… 

Perfect example of haters gonna hate: I’m curvy, can’t hide that….but the fact that this outfit was to die for and not stripperish at all is crazy! This was made by #2AfricanGirls (brand) by @preme_styld and is made from traditional Ankara cloth. #Nigeria #Uganda #blackgirlsrock EVERY1 loved it, blogs try to force their opinions on weak minded people.

Personally, I love the print. It’s a great colour on her and gorgeous for spring. I wouldn’t wear the top that cropped though.

What do you think though? Do you love her fashion? Or has she got trash on?

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p.s Happy Easter! (No work till Tuesday whoop!)

photo credit: Global Grind